the wedding experience

Your memories should be like your relationship: extraordinary and everlasting

Weddings are our passion - we love good love stories and are obsessed with sharing yours with the world. As a married couple - as a photo and video team - we want to be the perfect "couple" to capture your wedding day. Now let's get to that.

We Believe

Your wedding should be one celebration, one filled with love, joy and family

Our values are based on quality, excellence and planning. Having had a not-so-great experience on our wedding day, our mission goes beyond providing 'good' memories; We bring you memories that will both captivate and cherish this moment of your life.

how it works

The sequence

1. Inquiry + getting to know each other + offer

Just like a relationship, all weddings start with "Hello."

After your request we will send you our package list including the prices with the first information.
Also, part of our process includes getting to know each other over a video call. We can clarify any questions you may have and create a suitable offer for you or adapt a package for you.

2. Booking

If the offer suits you, it's time to set your date. We create a contract and send it to you. Once you have signed the contract and paid the agreed deposit, we are fully at your disposal on your wedding day.

3. Planning + day of the wedding

A few months / weeks before your wedding day we will set up a video call with you and go over everything to make sure your day is perfectly planned. If you haven't completely planned the process by then, we'll be happy to plan the rest with you at the video call. We will give you some helpful tips to make the wedding even more beautiful and relaxed for you.

So you can fully engage in your wedding, we will record everything else for you - from the smallest detail, the first kiss, to the wedding dance.

4. Processing + Delivery

After your wedding day, let's get to work. We meticulously edit your photos and/or videos, starting with editing the wedding photos, followed by the wedding video. Typically, wedding photo galleries are completed in 6-8 weeks while wedding videos are completed in around 4-6 months. After all, the video should be something special and beautiful for life that will accompany you for eternity. 

Now that you have a little insight into us and our work, let's get to the exciting part

Write us

We would be happy to learn more about your very personal love story, wedding plans and of course you too, so that we can accompany you as friends and not as service providers. Then you can feel like yourself on your special day - and by the way, the reportage becomes authentic by itself and without effort.

After you have given us the most important information, we will provide you with the packages and information.


We know how important your vendors are on your wedding day, so here are some of the answers to questions we hear quite often.


We know it's difficult to narrow down all the amazing venues in the area, but we need a solid day before we create a deal. You can always ask us in advance if we are free on a certain date. Should you then set a date in the course of time, we will be happy to set everything up with you.

In May to October, weekends get booked up very quickly. If you're considering one of these months, it's best to commit to a date sooner rather than later.

Tip: Abroad, people often get married during the week, since the guests combine your wedding with a mini-vacation anyway and like to spend the weekend on it. The advantage: You have more choice of available locations and service providers. In addition, some locations will also accommodate you in terms of price, since it is during the week. 


Whether you are looking for wedding photography, wedding videography or both for your wedding, we can help you find the right package.

Most couples book both photos and video for their wedding day with us as it is cheaper in a combo package and both in one style.


Never. We will always include travel expenses (if applicable) and taxes in the quote in advance. The amount would only change if additional services were purchased.


We are booked on average 12 to 18 months in advance. In some cases, if the day is still free, we are also booked at short notice. Just ask us if we are still free on your day. We will get back to you immediately.


YES! We would love to capture any wedding, wherever your heart takes you. A travel package for all international weddings is always included in the offer.

let's do it

Not convinced yet?

There are a few simple questions to check if we're right for you:

Do you like most of our photos?

Do you like our style?

Do you like us (since we spend a large part of the day with you)?

Are the photos and video one of the most important elements of the wedding for you and are you willing to invest in your memories that will stay with you for eternity?

If you answered "yes" to all questions, we would be the right people for you.
Now there is still to clarify whether your date is available and you have further questions on your mind. So don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to give you as much advice and support as possible.