About us



To describe ourselves in two words, we are “creative connoisseurs”.

I, Alena, grew up with the camera. When I was a child, my father knew who to look for the camera with when he was looking for it.

Daniel is a born musician. When he was young he had written, played and produced music himself.

During our business studies, we both noticed that we lack creativity in addition to economic knowledge.

Therefore, after our own civil wedding, we decided to start our own photography business. That was one of the best decisions in our life. Because since LIFE we do our job every single day.

Within 1.5 years, videography has come to us, which Daniel takes care of with all his heart, and we were able to gain an incredible amount of experience in both areas, both regionally and worldwide.

We love to travel, to get to know people from different cultures, to live out our professional passion and to enjoy the moment with a glass of red wine in our free time.

It gives us immense pleasure to make people happy during the photo shoots and when submitting the photos & videos.

Our greatest praise is the tears of joy for the priceless gift that will last forever.

Just making a report is not our style. Of course, excluding the wedding ceremony itself.

It is important to us to be part of your wedding and to make a significant contribution to make it even more unforgettable.

We treat every bride and groom and their families and guests as very good friends. So we can win the heart of each one for the eternal memories in the photos, share fun and capture wonderful moments.

And that is exactly what defines us.

The second important task we set ourselves: to relieve you as much as possible, to help you and to keep your head as clear as possible on the day of your wedding so that you can enjoy the time.

That is why we contact your wedding coordinator, your best man, etc. yourself and keep up to date.

We are everywhere where you need us, but we also go unnoticed when the situation requires it.