Answer questions


Many ask themselves and us the question, but there is always only one answer:
We never give out raw files. There are many good reasons for this:

  1. We ask you to trust that we will only delete the failed or duplicate photos. You can either get 350 photos included in the packages from us or book the additional photos.
  2. Most have no idea that the raw files are in a certain format and are an incredible number of GBs. So simply "just" pulling it onto a USB stick is not possible at all and cannot be compared with privately taken photos.
  3. In addition, why do you book a professional photographer if you want to edit the photos yourself? Finally, you choose a photographer whose style you like. Or?

What applies to the processing of the photos also applies to the video, only that they are moving images and therefore much more data volume.

But here, too, we do everything to ensure that you get it as soon as possible.

However, the wedding video usually takes a little longer, as it is a creative process and we take great care to make it unforgettable and you can immerse yourself in it as often as you want. Experience has shown that the bride and groom watch at least 15-20 times a day after receiving the video because they cannot get enough of it and that is exactly the aim of each of our videos.


As with the photos, it is not possible to give the raw material, but you are welcome to book a longer video for the short video. There you will mostly find the marriage vows and possible speeches.

You should, however, decide as soon as possible for this, as the unused material will be deleted due to the large data volume.

On the day of your wedding, you are tied to the location and do not have much time for an extensive wedding couple shoot, especially because the guests want to be busy in the meantime.

For example, you are on a honeymoon at an afterweddingshoot, have the time for yourself, can enjoy the moments extensively and now imagine that at the most beautiful locations in the world.


Since we travel a lot due to the weddings and afterweddingshootings, our partly high (e.g. Cape Town) travel costs would be eliminated if we were in the same place at the same time. Or your destination matches our desired destination and we can also accommodate you there. So please ask us where we are at a certain time and if it fits, we will send you our packages and can arrange a meeting there and simply take incredible photos or videos. 

Due to high demand, we only offer full-day reports in the high season.

Exceptions are the days of the week (Monday to Friday) and the low season (November to March)

Clear. We are wherever you are and the world is our home. Just talk to us about it.

Since memories of your special day are a huge responsibility, we usually never give the disease a chance.

If it is inevitable, we will ensure an equivalent replacement by our dear colleagues.

Again, many people who are not familiar with professional photography compare wedding photography with photos that were taken with a simple private camera and only need to be uploaded.

But most don't know that most wedding photographer work begins after the wedding.

So what happens behind the scenes?

  1. As mentioned earlier, hundreds of GBs emerge after a wedding anniversary. This means that the transfer of the raw files from the memory cards to the hard drives alone takes hours.
  2. On the day of the wedding we are with you in different rooms, outside, etc., where there are many different conditions and often challenging lighting conditions. In addition, it is raw material that does not contain beautiful colors, etc., as is customary from privately used cameras. In this way, the colors, contrasts, lighting conditions, cropping are adjusted for all photos.
  3. Not to forget that each of you wants to look beautiful in the photos. This means that every photo is checked for blemishes.
  4. After the entire mass of photos has been processed, the photos are converted into two JPG formats that you can use: full resolution for printing and web version for digital use in social media etc. This also sometimes takes a few hours.

Despite all of this, we do everything we can to ensure that you receive the photos as soon as possible, since we are aware that you are eagerly awaiting them.

It usually takes up to four weeks to process the photos. In the wedding high season it can also differ a little and we ask for your understanding.

There are many situations on a wedding day that are simply unique and cannot be repeated. Like walking the bride to the altar.

In such situations, we then take photos from different perspectives that make the report more beautiful and complete.


In addition, the time for the group photos on such a day is very short and many of your guests are happy to have a couple photo or a family photo taken on this occasion. So we split up and while one is taking your family photos, the other photographer is taking the other guest photos.

Yes, in any case! We would be happy to recommend this to you, as we can clear up a lot of ambiguities in advance

In addition, through our experience we have numerous tips for you, what you should consider and how we can make the day even more unforgettable.

From the numerous weddings that we have accompanied, we know exactly how much time you need for what and plan it carefully with you.

We are also the only ones on the day who know when and where to take the most beautiful photos and video recordings.

For sure. Since you are in the foreground on the day of your wedding, we do not accept any further appointments on the day.

Weddings on a Friday are an exception, as in most cases we will attend another wedding on Saturday. If this is not the case, an extension is of course possible.

In the main season, most appointments are quickly assigned. Therefore 1 - 1.5 years in advance is highly recommended.

However, you can also be lucky with some short-term appointments, especially on Fridays or during the week.

This is our concern and we always have a plan B for that!

Even in the rain you can take great photos that are unique!

The main thing is not to let your mood ruin the romantic rain and think of a plan B at your location for the guests.

True to the motto: "Don't wait until the storm passes - learn to dance in the rain!"